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Digital region up for sale as it fails to stop hoovering up public money.

Digital region up for sale as it fails to stop hoovering up public money.Here is a copy of the text of a comment I left on the above ISPReview article.

Digital region would do better if the concentrated on installing their product in places where there were people to use it. I went to their Twitter feed looking for a specific example of an install in the middle of nowhere near where I live but I didn’t need to find it, their latest tweet was that this caravan park & storage land in Doncasternow has fibre broadband. Or perhaps this farmhouse in Barnsley (tweet) or this one over the road. These are all examples of places that have been enabled since late/end of January. If DR can honestly say that these kinds of places are all that’s left to enable now that the rest of the populated areas of South Yorkshire are covered then fine, but as a resident of an area that only got ADSL2 at the end of last year and a BT fibre install date for our exchange of “2013” (and even that’s slipped from 2012) then you can understand why I feel a bit cross about postcodes with single farmhouses and dog tracks being enabled with tax payers money. Are BT seriously going to consider spending the large amounts of cash to upgrade exchanges in areas covered by Digital Region? They’re either holding on in the ever decreasing hope of taking over their network, or leaving the rollout as long as they can because the competition of DR means their ROI is much lower, meanwhile large areas of South Yorkshire are left to become digital backwaters.