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I have a new GPG Key

I have a new GPG key that you should all use, the old one has been revoked.

New ID: 684CF089 New fingerprint: 5E48 F78E 2904 478C F209 4A37 C446 73C2 684C F089

A funny thing happened this morning when Keybase wanted to update to a new version of the client, the update went ahead fine, with no issues but then when it tried to connect to the server it could not, and neither could I through the web interface, neither could a couple of other people I asked on different networks, but “” said the site was up fine. The signature of the update was checked fine and the only reason I have to assume something fishy was going on was me being paranoid, and the more I think about it, the more I think it’s probably Ok. But I’ve revoked my old certificate now, so I need a new one :-)